Web Usability Testing


Web Usability Testing


Web usability testing is a structured assessment of your university’s revenue-driving pathways. We will test your site for:

  • Content readability

  • Navigation quality

  • Link construction

  • Consistency & convention use

  • Response & load times

  • Form quality

  • Browser compatibility

  • Other common usability issues.

Web usability testing should be a regular practice for any institution that solicits action (applications, forms) on its website. A website that is difficult to use can cost an organization prospects and quality applications. Lost prospects means lost revenue.

We use a two-step testing process that includes an expert review and a lean user test. These techniques identify common issues. We provide an actionable report that summarizes the most pressing issues and how to fix them.  


Web usability tests take about two weeks to complete.

Leet's talk. Contact us before placing your order.

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