Complete Brand Audit


Complete Brand Audit


A top-to-bottom assessment of where your brand is, and where you want it to be

We'll give you a new perspective on how people view your brand, how it compares to your competitors and what steps we recommend to strengthen it. This is a holistic look at your brand. It's the first step to taking your brand from where it is to where you want it to be. 

Understanding how your brand is perceived outside the walls of your marketing office is essential to understanding its effectiveness. We have more than two decades of combined branding experience, and we use a broad range of tools to assess your brand, including:

  • Expert review

  • Competitive review

  • User testing

  • Limited focus grouping

This is a complete audit of your brand that gives you an assessment of:

  • Design quality

  • Visual effectiveness

  • Message strategy

  • Voice resonance

  • Tone appropriateness

Timeframes vary depending on the amount of material surveyed, but usually takes about one month.

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