The best brands truly are unique. And what’s more unique than having real principles and sticking to them? We’ve found that brands that thrive take their responsibility to others seriously. At D. White & Company, we want to model the behavior we wish to see.

DWCo. is

We look at numbers, but we don’t stop there. We talk to with people to better understand where your organization really is and where it needs to go. We are not trend chasers. We are diligent and thorough.

  • Discovery — We don’t assume. We ask good questions. Our goal is to understand the world as it is, not as we want it to be.

  • Collaboration — We take time to explain and answer questions. We ask for feedback. We have thick skin. We make it fun.

  • Deliverables — We cut the blather and get to the point. We deliver projects that are targeted and useful.

DWCo. is

Brands are great, but people matter more. Very little is more important to an organization than team members who are engaged and know how to think critically.

  • Focus — We keep training simple enough to remember and detailed enough to be useful. We get right to it.

  • Feedback — Good brand training is more discussion than lecture. It’s our job to make the brand come alive for the team.

  • Fresh — Let’s just be honest, real people. It’s way easier.

DWCo. is

We like fun work. We’d like to do as much of it as we can. But even fun takes work. We like to find funny, new and creative ideas.

  • Colorful — We’re based in Florida. We love color, design, ideas and hands-on experience.

  • Clever — Funny takes a lot of work. We don’t do goofy — we do intelligent, clever work that gets noticed.

  • Concise — Let’s save people time by making things easy for them. Simple words, clear meaning and plenty of action.