We couldn't do it alone if we tried, and, honestly, what's the fun in that? Our partners provide expert counsel in creative direction and market research. We are continually developing new relationships and developing new partnerships. Think you'd like to be part of our work? Drop us a line and let's talk


Shelly Jackman

Shelly Jackman is the art director for Texas Wesleyan University. Her favorite projects have involved brand experience, message driven designs, typography and illustration. Jackman has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design with over nine years of professional experience as an in-house art director and freelance designer. 



Derek reeves

Derek Reeves is the digital marketing coordinator at D. White & Company. Derek received his bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Central Oklahoma, where he played football. He develops strategic integrated marketing, media relations and direct marketing to generate business. Reeves has extensive experience in video production and content creation.



Sarah Mittal

Sarah Mittal, Ph.D., is a marketing professor, student mentor, & consumer research enthusiast. She has her Ph.D. in consumer behavior and over six years of experience in marketing research. Many of her projects focus on the consumption of experiential purchases (versus material purchases) – why consumers choose one type versus the other and how they make those decisions.




Toby White serves as Director of Naps at D. White & Company. He mostly focuses on getting a solid 15-18 hours of sleep per day for all of us. He is an experienced bug hunter and is an excellent communicator (when he's hungry). In addition to his Naps role, Toby also provides social media content, feedback, and, occasionally, a purr for a job well done.