New DWCo. client? Here's what happens next.

Hey there!

We’re glad you’ve joined D. White & Company as a client. We like to keep our projects clear. Derek and I are always reviewing our business processes to make them better.

Our clients appreciate our project understanding, and many of them want to be prepared as well. Here is a handy checklist we’ve developed for the outset of your project.

Gather your materials

Branding touches every aspect of your organization. Here’s an example of what we need for most projects:

  • Organizational goals

  • Department goals

  • Metrics currently used

  • Current digital marketing materials

  • Current print marketing materials

  • Access to your websites and social media accounts

We’ll discuss what we need for your project. Make some time for yourself or someone on your team to get it together. We can also help you do this for an additional fee.

Take a strategic moment

We’re going to be asking you some vision questions. Schedule a few hours for yourself to consider your organization and its goals. We want to help guide you to brand decisions that serve your organization’s goals.

Log into Basecamp

We use Basecamp for our project management system. It’s a clear, easy way to keep up with communication and dates without having to sort through email. We also like their work philosophy.

When we add you to your project, Basecamp will send you an email notifying you you’re on the team. In Basecamp, you’ll see your project, timelines and communication between you and us. We can also work with you using your own system or another method you prefer.

There are some things we don’t like about Basecamp, and the biggest one is its notifications, which go off all the time. Make sure to read this article to set these to a daily digest.

Send us some money

We love getting paid! Our standard terms are NET 30. We usually take payments in two halves, but we can honor other arrangements if they’re discussed. Either way, we’d love to eat.

Have fun

Marketing takes creative energy. Allow yourself to laugh at your organization, your business or your tasks. We want to create a work environment that is fun and collaborative. That’s where some of the best ideas start.

We’d also like to hear your ideas to make our projects better. Email us or leave your comments below!

Darren White
Principal Consultant
D. White & Company