What can I learn about my terrible marketing from Silicon Valley?

Do you ever watch the show Silicon Valley? Do you remember the Pied Piper jacket?

I love that scene because it shows one of the big problems with a lot of higher ed marketing: It looks lame, it sounds worse and it doesn’t work.

Other than that, it’s fine.

It’s amateur — Jared has to do everything, but on this one, he should have trusted the professionals. He uses too many fonts, colors and no message.
It’s not true — “Making the world a better place” is a classic joke for the Silicon Valley writers because it’s spot-on — don’t overpromise — you’re likely to disappoint people. 
It’s laaaaaaaaaame — Look at it. 
It’s random — Most of what organizations call marketing are just sad cries for help.

But, it does get noticed. So it’s got that going for it.

When Gilfoyle wears the jacket to a coffee shop down the street, people recognize the company and start raving about the app. Pied Piper already had a brand. Of course, they ignore this feedback and jump back in their own bubble. By the way, not talking to its customers bites Pied Piper again and again in the show

So, what does this have to do with our post title — why can’t we make the marketing what we want? The short answer is that you may need help.

Any organization — large or small — benefits from a well-planned marketing strategy based in research, a simple system that can be measured easily, and trusted partners who can help strategize, train and execute. 

And any good professional will start with market-based research.

It’s because the eyes of a professional marketer are much more attuned to the details and strategies that matter — whether you decide to do your own marketing, you’re training a team, or you are a large organization, you need to build your marketing council with good research. Otherwise, it’ll be design by committee.

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