Driving your staff crazy? You need to chill.

This is for all the supervisors out there.

Too often, we work from fear instead of confidence. Many of us have a lot riding on our jobs – our car payments, our mortgage, our vacations, our self-worth. We’ve added pressure to our high-pressure jobs. Somedays it seems like there’s not even enough time to catch a breath, let alone think. It’s not sustainable. If you find yourself stressed, angry and frustrated more days than not, maybe it’s time to consider some changes to your approach.

Think about your relationship to work

So many of us have not examined our relationship to work. As a result, we put undue pressure on our job to power our self-worth. We need to let go. This is just a job. It is not who we are.

Look at your to-do list. What stresses you out? Why does it stress you out? What do you think will happen? Are you worried you’ll get fired if you do something wrong? Are you worried that people will think you’re a fraud? Let it go. You’re human. You can’t treat others fairly if you don’t treat yourself fairly. Let them see you sweat. Admit your mistakes. Be honest about your concerns or fears without being emotional. Honesty rushes through an office like a whirlwind.

Let go of the work

Perfectionists sometimes struggle in leadership positions because they are used to doing everything themselves. If you find yourself saying, “it’s quicker to do it myself,” you might fall into this category.

Consider that statement – “it’s quicker to do it myself” – this statement is only true once. After the first time, you’re losing time by not teaching others. Remember, everyone has the same number of hours in a day. Being busy doesn’t make you special. Everyone is busy.

Leaders are more “head trainers” than “head doers.” Instead of repeating what made you successful, it’s your job to train others on what you’ve learned. Your success is not measured by your performance anymore. It’s measured by your team’s performance. Let go.

Seriously – relax.

Employees pay attention to everything a manager does. How you behave with your employees will be mirrored by your employees. If you’re always stressed, your perspective is skewed, and so is your team’s.

Create healthful habits and prioritize them. Remember that 10 percent less of you at full-strength is better than 10 percent more of you at half-strength. Take a break. Meditation is a big buzzword these days, but it works. Take 10 minutes and do nothing. Sit quietly in a room. Let thought pass by. Don’t react. If you follow a specific faith, consider praying.

Make a change

No matter how much money you’re making, if your job is making you miserable, it’s probably not worth it. Steve Jobs famously said that if he had more miserable days at work than good days, he knew it was time to do something else. Don’t be afraid to make real changes in your life.

Work is important. It should be taken seriously, but, if you’re making your employees miserable and the stress is palpable, then maybe it’s time to try a different approach.

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