Three pillars of great branding teams

The question I get asked most is this one: “What do you do?”

I tell them some variation of this: We are marketing and management experts focusing in three areas: Strategy, training and execution.

We didn’t pick these out of the blue sky. We picked them because we believe each is essential to the success of any marketing endeavor. Without the right mix of all three, even a successful endeavor will create more problems than solutions.

Let’s explain what strategy, training and execution are.


Strategy means aligning your marketing work with the overall organizational goals. A good strategy has appropriate measurements and is used to create day-to-day tactics that support the strategy. Strategies are specific, time-sensitive and measurable. They may be complex in some ways, but they are translated to the team in easy, actionable ways that make the team’s job easier and not harder. It involves research, self-discovery, data, information, knowledge and wisdom.


Training empowers team members to think about the brand and add meaningful contributions to the brand. Training is essential for the marketing team and anyone else in the institution that represents your brand. It includes customer service training, brand promise training, and message training.


Execution is the most important and least successful part of most marketing efforts. Execution means doing everything you said you’d do exactly like you said you’d do it – or close enough to it that you’ve exceeded expectations. It includes having attention-grabbing creative, repeatable processes and effective measurements. It means using budgets to buy media intentionally.

Training and execution without strategy creates and unfocused, rudderless organization. Execution and strategy without training create fatal gaps in institutional memory. Strategy and training without execution produce nothing. All three together? We call it marketing harmony.

Do any of these sound like your business or organization? Tell us how in the comments.

D. White & Company is a marketing and management consulting firm that focuses on strategy, training and execution. Need to create marketing harmony in your organization? Set up a meeting today.